What a week

Approx one week ago we drove our cool blue Mercedes Sprinter south, to play shows in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

What a week. One nice show after each other, lots of enthusiastic audience, loads of CD’s, Vinyl and T-Shirts handed over and just a good time with people at all the venues, including the staff and the other bands ( The Netherlands in the netherlands are to be recommended for their hand played post-prog-kraut-electro-rock 🙂 ). Welcoming food, perfect hospitality, a few beers and a tour Ardbeg, made everything as good as it gets. Even a broken down tour bus was handled and we could get to our gigs in time.

Not only did we have a great time at each and every show, there were also happening a lot on the net meanwhile, in that week. One after the other good reviews came dropping in with words like :

  • “a huge 10 track 57 minute post-rock goliath. Sonically the album is as rock solid as it gets and is a great example of solid layering depth and sound staging.” – Courtesy of Postrockstar ( read the full review here )
  • “They have the tunes right from the universe. On Pioneers Of Spaceflight the band captured the melancholy and dreaminess, the darkness and the never-ending light, the most in-depth questions about the universe and the ultimate freedom – of the universe.” – Courtesy of Nothing But Hope And Passion ( read the full review here )
  • “The combination of fully instrumental tracks (which are the best tracks on the album) and vocal-featured tracks, make this a great sounding and diverse album.” – Courtesy of Postrocker.nl (read the full review here)
  • “Prepare yourself to be weightless and aim at another place. Close your eyes, press ‘play‘.. welcome aboard”  – Translated from danish courtesy of bandsoftomorrow.com ( read the full review here )
  • “Like Sigur Ros with Balls” – Translated from German courtesy of Schallgrenzen.de ( read the full review here )
  • “Late Night Venture does not only make music – that touches, they verywell understand the visual and aesthetically perfect way to implement” – Translated from German review and comments on our videos that can be found at our youtube channel – Courtesy of Darklands ( read the full review here)

Not only these fine words, have been published, there’s been so much support from a lot of other blogs, webzines, tweets, facebook and radio stations, thank you everyone for your support.

We have a lot of footage and pictures from the tour that will be looked through and hopefully find it’s way to the net, and at the moment we are putting together videos for 2 more songs from the album, and rest to come.

If you wanna take a listen or maybe even buy a copy of “Pioneers of Spaceflight” – you can head over to our Bandcamp : latenightventure.bandcamp.com and order one. There’s even a signed copy option 🙂

NB: The picture here in this post is taken in Leipzig at Georg Schwarz Strasse, in a condemned building just above the venue we played there. We thought it was pretty cool with the totally empty house and then with this room filled up with posters of Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the nephilim, The Cure & Joy Division, 80s new wave heroes.


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