Late Night Venture


Having completed the writing of the album in the early part of 2015, it became clear to the band that the material was lean- ing towards a heavier, more gritty side compared to previous works. Wanting to capture the dynamics and full sonic spec- trum of their songs, LNV began a collaboration with Copenhagen underground producer Lasse Ballade, whose track record include numerous local punk and metal acts; including notable black-metal innovators Solbrud.

With Lasse behind the knobs and a small army of guitar and bass amps set up to crack the sky, the album was recorded over the course of a week in a basement studio, far below the streets of central Copenhagen. Similar to their previous abum – “Pioneers of spaceflight” from 2012 – the band chose to record all tracks live in the studio – with vocals and additional overdubs added later. Through this process, Late Night Venture and producer Lasse, was able to capture the dynamics of a “live performance”, whilst also building a soundscape suitable for the album experience.


Taking it ́s title from 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe, “Tychonians” is a celebration of man meeting the cosmos. As modern life leaves us fewer opportunities to dwell and reflect below the pitch black void of the night time sky and the icy, white particles of light emitting from the stars, Late Night Venture wants to remind us of the unfathomable vastness and beauty of space.

In the age of Tycho Brahe, earth was (in the minds of man) the center of all being. As we in our present day roam through life consumed with our individual hopes, fears and aspirations, it is not difficult to give in to the notion that we are – each of us – the center of everything. As such, we are perhaps still followers of Tycho – or: “Tychonians”!